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Top Television Comedic Casts and Ensembles

A great ensemble creates a mysterious bond between a show and its viewers. The chemistry shared on screen brings with it a certain level of comfort.

But to refer to this quality as some kind of supernatural power does a disservice to the men and women who forge it. There is the talent of each individual performer to consider: If any of them falter, the whole dynamic falls apart. It’s a dynamic that requires work, too. Whether it’s bonding in real-life or being a good listener on set, chemistry is a science for these casts; it’s made, not found.

Indie Wire has compiled a list of the top television comedic ensembles over the last 25 years. Where does How I Met Your Mother rank among the greats? Take a look below:

23. | “How I Met Your Mother”
When you have nine seasons to explore five characters, you not only get a chance to delve into every possible relationship, but uncover the hidden skills of its cast. “How I Met Your Mother” unveiled Josh Radnor’s inner goofiness, Alyson Hannigan’s punchline chops, Jason Segel’s musical talents, Cobie Smulders’ bad-assery, and Neil Patrick Harris’s capacity for emotional depth. However you feel about the show’s ultimate conclusion, the best moments of “How I Met Your Mother” were always rooted in the ensemble’s “found family” feel, one built upon a well-developed history for its characters and chemistry that never failed to spark.

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