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Alyson & Cobie’s Dream Guest Stars

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan wants Jennifer Aniston to make a cameo on the show. Hannigan, 35, plays the character Lily Aldrin in the CBS TV series and country singer Carrie Underwood will soon be making an appearance.

But Hannigan, who is famous for starring in the American Pie movie series, wants Jennifer Aniston to guest-star. Talking about Aniston making a cameo, she said: ‘I’m going to put that out there!’

Her co-star Cobie Smulders added whom she would like to make a cameo: ‘If Meryl’s free, that’d be nice.’


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Cobie On Robin-Barney Relationship

We’ve heard creator Carter Bays’s take on the divisive “How I Met Your Mother”, Robin-Barney relationship/breakup, but what do the actors involved think? Cobie Smulders says:

“It’s a little bit like, ‘Um, guys, am I really going to sleep my way through the entire cast or what.’ [Laughs] Robin just gets tossed around up in here! Like, come on! Doesn’t anyone else think this is weird? If you actually sleep with your ex-boyfriend’s best friend, there are bound to be more serious repercussions!”

Excellent point! (Source)

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2010 People’s Choice Awards

I would like to give a big congratulations to “How I Met Your Mother” star, Alyson Hannigan on her “Best Actress Comedy” win tonight at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards. After her win, Alyson tweeted:

OMG!!! I won?!? I’m so grateful to all of YOU!!! Thanks to my TWEEPS that voted for me!

Unfortunately, both Neil Patrick Harris (Best Actor Comedy) and “How I Met Your Mother” (Best Show Comedy) did not win tonight.

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Carrie Underwood to Guest Star on “HIMYM”

t’s been a winter of milestones for Carrie Underwood. First, the country singer got engaged to Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher. Next, she will make her acting debut on an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother. Underwood will play Tiffany, an enigmatic pharmaceutical sales rep and love interest for Ted (played by Josh Radnor), in an episode scheduled to air in March.

The CBS comedy series celebrates its 100th episode on Jan. 11, when Stacy Keibler will join the show as a guest. That milestone will also mark the beginning of a guest arch for Rachel Bilson, who may or may not be The One.

Tell us: Who else would you like to see as a guest star on How I Met Your Mother? (Source)

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2010 People’s Choice Awards

The people have spoken – and they love Vampires! Not surprisingly ‘Twilight’ snagged the most nominations for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards. The ‘Twilight’ franchise stars earn six nods while it’s TV counterpart, ‘True Blood’ receives three.

Fans cast more than 18 million votes online to select the nominee slate and will also choose the winners in 35 categories. The ceremony will be broadcast live on CBS on Jan. 6, so tune in!

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The 5 Most Crush Worthy TV Women

The Man Couch has made a list of “The 5 Most Crush Worthy Women of Television”. I am pleased to seem Cobie made the list:

How I Met Your Mother’s Robin Scherbatsky
Played by Cobie Smulders
Robin is a television news reporter, delivering the hard hitting news right into your hearts. She’s a gun slinging, cigar smoking, Canadian beauty! Who wouldn’t want this girl?