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“Literally, Right Before Aaron” to Premiere at 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Every year, celebrities, filmmakers, journalists and movie fans flock to the Tribeca neighborhood in lower Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival, an illustrious celebration of film and television that features some of the most exciting projects and panel discussions of any media festival in the country.

The 2017 festival, which runs April 19-30, continues to expand beyond film and TV with a focus on VR and gaming. With so much happening — from movie premieres to high-profile talks and anticipated reunions — ET has rounded up a quick guide of the things you won’t want to miss at this year’s festival.

Literally, Right Before Aaron

Starring: Justin Long, Cobie Smulders, John Cho, Kristen Schaal, Leah Thompson and Luis Guzman (Dir. Ryan Eggold)

What It’s About: A young man (Long) is reeling from a painful breakup with his ex-girlfriend (Smulders), and his world is thrown into even greater disarray when his ex invites him to her upcoming wedding, which he agrees to attend in order to try and figure out what went wrong in their relationship.

Why We Want to See It: Once again, you can’t go wrong with a cast like this. Additionally, this comedy that explores the universal questions of “what could have been?” is based on a short film Eggold shot in 2011, which means he’s been crafting this feature version in his head for some time, perfecting the script.


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