Facts & Trivia

– Cobie and actor boyfriend Taran Killam had their first child, a girl they named Shaelyn Cado Killam, on May 16, 2009.

– While announcing his departure from the long-awaited Wonder Woman (2009) feature, Joss Whedon joked that Cobie Smulders was his choice to play Princess Diana of Themiscyra (Wonder Woman herself). Director Joss Whedon and Cobie are friends.

– In early 2007 Cobie had a photo spread in Self magazine.

– Cobie Smulder’s theory considering the ABC show Lost is: purgatory.

– In the 4th season of the Smallville series, Cobie actually played a villain in the episode “Bound.”

– She traveled for five years as part of her modeling work as a teenager.

– When first auditioning for film and television, her natural ability impressed the casting directors, and she soon landed guest appearances on Special Unit 2, and Jeremiah.

– Her theatre credits include Singing in the Rain, Grease and Women and Wallace.

– Cobie had a near blink-and-miss-it part as the “Exotic Beauty” in the movie Walking Tall, which starred The Rock, Johnny Knoxville and Neal McDonough.

– Cobie had a starring role in the Canadian short film Candy From Strangers, where she played the role of Martina. David Paetkau and Christian Bocher starred alongside side her in the fourteen-minute film.

– Cobie appeared in the eighteen minute comedic short film Escape, in which she played the part of the “Psychotic Brunette.”

– Though Canadian, Cobie resides in Los Angeles, California.

– Cobie is Canadian, and so is her character, Robin Scherbatsky, on How I Met Your Mother.

– As a child and teenager she wanted to become either a doctor or a marine biologist, not an actress.

– Cobie is 1.75 metres tall, or 5 foot 9 inches. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

– As a teenager she participated in many sports such as swimming, tennis, and soccer.

– Cobie is fluent in French.

– Cobie was voted “Most Respected” by her classmates in her senior year in high school.

– Her father’s a dentist, while her stepmother is a professional fund-raiser. She has four brothers and three sisters.