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“How I Met Your Mother” Spoiler

I read a while back that Amanda Peet would be appearing on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Any news about her character? – David
When I first skimmed the script for Episode 13, in which Marshall gets surprised with a smooch from a drunk coworker named Jenkins, I thought for sure the CBS comedy would be taking “bromance” to a new level. But nope, the very female Peet is the one playing Jenkins. So now I’m all, “Way to go, Mr. Eriksen! Send yourself some more free wings from your future self!”

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A New Love Interest For Robin?

The show invested a lot of time and story last season on exploring Barney’s feelings for Robin, but it ended quite quickly this season. Was there some debate in the writers’ room about how long they should stay together?
The thing we were worried about was you keep them together too long and you forget what’s fun about Barney. You don’t want to neuter the show too much. At the same time, you want to give it its due because there’s definitely been a lot of buildup to it. This felt kind of honest. This is what happens when two people going against their better judgment, no matter how much they like each other, they’re eventually going to realize it’s not going to work out.

Like you said, they really did like each other and they said they loved each other. One of the things I’ve seen online in reaction to their breakup is that in the episodes post-breakup, they haven’t interacted very much or acknowledged each other. Are we going to see them struggle more with each other’s presence?
That’s part of the story that we’re building towards. It’s definitely not everything’s back to normal, everyone’s fine. We’re going to find out in coming episodes that everyone’s not fine. I think when the dust settles, and the dust is still settling between them, there’ll be some big changes in their relationship.

In “The Playbook,” you introduced a new co-worker and potential love interest for Robin. How much will he be around?
He’ll be back a couple more times. It’s an actor named Benjamin Koldyke. He’s very funny. He’ll sort of be a new development in the story of Robin’s romantic and work life.

This is the first time we’ve seen you bring in a semi-recurring love interest for Robin.
Yeah, I know. It’s something we’ve never done. We’re excited to do it. But it’s definitely a slow play kind of thing. He’s not the most likable fellow right off the bat. It’s going to take a while for his walls to come down a little bit and for them to really connect.

One of the things you teased this season is a Robin Sparkles and Alan Thicke variety show. Will we see that before the end of this season?
Probably not before the end of the season, but it’s nice to have that arrow in our quiver to be able to use. We have a lot of fun ideas for that. The robot will definitely be involved.


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Cobie Appreciates Help With Daughter, Shaelyn

It takes a village to raise a child and Cobie Smulders couldn’t be more appreciative of the help she has received since welcoming her daughter Shaelyn Cado, 4 months. “My fiancé [Taran Killam’s] family is in the area so we have a lot of help, but without that I would be a crazy person,” the actress tells OK!.

An additional set of hands — or two! — is not something Cobie takes for granted. In fact, she notes that since the birth of Shaelyn, she has nothing short of admiration for all single mothers. “I definitely have so much, not like I didn’t have it before, but I have so much respect for single moms,” she says.

Sharing that her mother raised four children, Cobie considers herself fortunate when it comes to her own baby girl.

“It’s a lot of work and I feel extremely grateful because my job allows me a lot of flexibility and freedom. And financially I am able to have a lot of help around.”

As for her ability to bounce back quickly after baby, Cobie brushes off any dieting suggestions and instead credits her weightloss to nursing and plain old good luck.

“I can’t really diet because I’m breastfeeding and I think that I am blessed with very good genes, as well,” she explains. Fortunately for the new mama, the pregnancy pounds that she did have to shed after giving birth were limited. “I didn’t gain a lot with my pregnancy so I didn’t have a lot to work off.”

Although her How I Met Your Mother costar Alyson Hannigan brings her baby Satyana, 6 months, to work with her, Cobie only “sometimes” brings her daughter on-set, “but not as much as Aly does.” According to Cobie, Shaelyn is still adjusting to her surroundings.

“She is just now being comfortable with herself being in this world so now I can bring the baby out more.”


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“How I Met Your Mother” Spoiler

AusielloFiles posted a “How I Met Your Mother” spoiler:

Question: Count me among those fans not happy about the Barney-Robin split on How I Met Your Mother. Is Barney just going to return to his old womanizing ways? —Gerald
Exec producer Carter Bays insists Barney is a changed man as a result of his short-lived romance with Robin — just don’t expect to notice any of those changes right away. “Barney’s a lot like the economy,” he says. “You can pass a stimulus package, but it will take a while to take effect. But he’s definitely affected by it. It’s definitely changed him.” Any hints as to what those changes will look like? “I probably shouldn’t say,” he hedges. “But in the second half of the season, there will be some events coming up that sort of bring that to light.”