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Cobie Talks Various “HIMYM” Elements

If you’ve been wondering about Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) on “How I Met Your Mother,” you’re not the only one. Cobie Smulders had been having a hard time understanding why Robin was always in the room while Barney flaunted his conquests right in front of her. But last Monday, the show finally revealed through flashbacks that Robin was not as cool with it as she seemed.

Smulders talked with Show Tracker last week about Robin’s and Barney’s relationship, Robin’s new boyfriend and how her many ex-boyfriends are going to lead to a emotional threesome that shakes up the dynamics of the group. We also discussed when Robin Sparkles might be making a reappearance.

The last episode was a great one for Robin and gave you a nice showcase. Were you glad that they followed up on the breakup and addressed Barney’s behavior?
I really was. I was quite relieved. When we were shooting, going through all these scenes, I was constantly saying to them, “This is crazy. I shouldn’t even be here for this conversation. There’s no way I would be sitting here while they’re yapping about his latest conquest.” I kept writing myself out of scenes. I feel like Robin has been redeemed in a sense. I feel like she’s finally shown she was really upset about this. Barney, hopefully, learned something from the whole experience as well, from the effect that he can have on people and that Robin is human.

For the first time, your character is getting a recurring love interest outside of the main cast. Is that exciting or nerve-racking for you as an actress to have someone new to play with?
It’s nice actually to switch it up a little bit and bring someone else in and give someone else the spotlight for a little bit. I just love Ben, who plays Don. We got along so well. We’re shooting the end of the season right now. It’s all about Robin taking a step back from the group of friends to feel out this relationship with Don. Every time she hangs out with her best friends, two of them are ex-boyfriends, so it’s always tinged with awkwardness. It’s playing with the dynamic of the group a little bit. I think we’ll get back to the core of it eventually, but it’s kind of nice taking a step outside for a bit.

One of the things the show teased this year was a Robin Sparkles-Alan Thicke variety show.
I know! I don’t know if we’re going to get to that. I have no idea what is in store for that. I know it’s still in the works. I think maybe getting a season six pickup this early in the game is somewhat to a lot of story lines’ determent, where it’s like, “Oh, we’ll do it next season.” Maybe I’ll get the script tomorrow for next week, and it’ll be like, “The Robin Scherbatsky Show!” I never quite know, but I have a feeling that we might have to wait until next season.

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Arianna Huffington “HIMYM” Guest Spot

Let a new round of “Who’s the Mother?” speculation begin! And end: Arianna Huffington is not Ted’s future wife on How I Met Your Mother. At least I don’t think she is.

Rather, sources confirm to me exclusively that the empress of the Internet has signed on to play herself in the hitcom’s May 10 episode. Huffington will be a guest at a high-falutin’ New York party that Ted, Barney, Marshall, and Lily find themselves at. In case you’re wondering how this somewhat random bit of stunt casting came about, Huffington is currently producing an ABC pilot about rookie politicians (starring Sarah Chalke) with Mother scribe Greg Malins. (Source)

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A “How I Met Your Mother” Reunion?

Ready for some news as awesome as Barney Stinson himself? How I Met Your Mother executive producer Cater Bays tells Ask Ausilleo exclusively that there will be “an attempted reconciliation between two exes” later this season.

Does this mean Robin and Barney will rekindle their legendarily short romance? Bays hinted at such a possibility a few months ago when he told me the couple’s “story is not over, for sure.”

Then again, it could just as easily be Ted and Robin. Or Ted and Stella. Or Ted and… Well, you get the picture. There are a lot of options.

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“The Slammin’ Salmon” Gets Release Date

Broken Lizard’s latest movie, The Slammin’ Salmon will be available on DVD and Blu-ray™ on Tuesday, April 13th from Anchor Bay Entertainment. “The Slammin’ Salmon” stars the Broken Lizard gang alongside, Cobie Smulders, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Will Forte, Vivica A. Fox, Morgan Fairchild, April Bowlby, Lance Henriksen, and Olivia Munn.

Directed by Kevin Heffernan, and released theatrically by Anchor Bay Films, The Slammin’ Salmon tells the story of a former heavyweight boxing champ turned restaurant owner (Duncan) who, indebted to the Japanese mob, challenges his waiters to sell more food in one night than they’ve ever sold before – or face a pummeling by the Champ!

Spurred on by greed and panic, the staff resorts to backstabbing, bribery and indecent proposals in an attempt to up-sell their patrons while simultaneously sabotaging their co-workers. As the hours pass, the dining room action becomes more frenzied as the contest escalates into a brawl for first place in order to win the money.

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Tru Calling: “1.03 – Brother’s Keeper”

I’ve added screen captures of Cobie’s guest appearance on the short-lived show, Tru Calling. The episode was titled, 1.03 – Brother’s Keeper and as usual Cobie looks great. If you want to use any of these screen captures, please feel free to do so, all I ask is to not remove the tag from the captures as I did not cap them myself. Thanks! Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Television Shows > Guest Appearances > Tru Calling: “1.03 Brothers Keeper”

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Screen Captures: “How I Met Your Mother” (s4)

I have finished adding screen captures from season four of, “How I Met Your Mother”. There are over 7,000 screen captures from all 24 episodes of last season. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
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Saturday Night Magazine Interview

As sexy tomboy Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders keeps the laughs coming with her witty banter and sarcastic comebacks. Off-set, Smulders is a bit softer in her delivery, but the laughs are just the same. Arriving at our shoot at the beautiful Hotel Erwin, a couple miles from her Venice Beach home, Smulders is upbeat, grounded and downright goofy.

Whether cracking up the crew between shots or jumping on the bed in the middle of our penthouse suite, it’s not easy keeping a straight face around the 27-year-old starlet. With such a zest for life, it’s hard to believe Smulders is also a mom to an eight-month old daughter – though she is sure to leave the shoot on time to get home to her little one. It can’t be easy balancing such a hectic lifestyle, but Smulders assures us she has little to complain about. (Images to be added soon.)

SNMag: If it were up to you, would Robin end up with Ted or Barney?
Tough question. Probably Ted because, even though Barney is a lot of fun, I just feel like it’s one of those relationships where there’s a lot of excitement, but there are a lot of ups and downs. With Ted, it’s pretty sturdy and he’s loving.

SNMag: Can you imagine yourself being in a relationship with a guy like Barney Stinson?
No. I was in a relationship with someone like Barney and it did not work out.

SNMag: Will we eventually find out who Ted winds up marrying and who is the “Mother” in the show’s title?
Yes. Hopefully, in Season 11.

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